Pokemon dev Game Freak Hiring for Console Game – Pokemon Stars Confirmed?

Will we be getting that Switch Pokemon this year?
pokemon stars confirmed

The hints about a console version of Pokemon Sun and Moon keep getting stronger, as GameSpot uncovered a temporary employee listing to work at Game Freak this week. Is Pokemon Stars Confirmed?

A new job ad (translated by Siliconera and IGN) reveal that the company is hiring temporary employees to work on a “globally popular RPG” whose platform will be “console.”

The job requires someone with experience in creating character models to the level of Wii U and PS Vita, reports Siliconera. The title of the game is not stated, but it is apparently “an RPG game that is popular on a global scale,” that “just about anyone knows.”

Is this veritable confirmation of Pokemon Stars? Well, we did get that info not too long ago, but little else has been said ever since. Here’s hoping this is just one more step in porting the game over to the Switch, because then I’d definitely play it… amirite?

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