Uncharted The Lost Legacy – A Stand Alone Story for Two

Uncharted The Lost Legacy

Uncharted The Lost Legacy is the first DLC coming to the game. It’s a stand alone story for two: Chloe and Nadine take off for India. They form a grudging partnership to locate and take a priceless relic.

How Does Uncharted The Lost Legacy Expand the World

The upcoming DLC takes place several months after the events in Uncharted 4. The two women head off to snatch the Tusk from some guy named Asav. Each character brings her own strengths and weaknesses to the table too. That’s always the foundation of a good working relationship, right?

Devs will be working to bring forward some of the “lessons learned” from Uncharted 4. For instance, level design gives players more of a sense of an open world. They are freer to explore in a non-linear way. Players find puzzles, shootouts, jumping puzzles and much more on their travels.

Naughty Dog also brought in some new stuff:

  • pistols with silencers
  • C4 for explosive action
  • lockpicking

It’s worth noting that The Lost Legacy will be a lengthier experience than The Last of Us: Left Behind, but shorter than Uncharted 4.

The best part is that The Lost Legacy is a stand alone story. It will be released sometime later this year.

Check out the full write up on the PlayStation blog.

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