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Some great deals on new and upcoming games.
Our friends over at SCDKey have some excellent deals on various games and Xbox Live specials going on right now that they’d like us to share with you.  SCDKey is a discount game key seller, where you can often find new games or DLCs for far below market price. Heck, even I took the bait for Kingdom Come: Deliverance on sale for $40 or so. The only thing to keep in mind is that the keys are often EU region, so make sure you have a friend in the UK or somewhere similar that can activate it for you on your Steam account if you’re in the US. Or just pay attention to the description and look for a Global key or one for your region. They even have Metal Gear Solid: Survive for roughly $41 right now. And that one is global on Steam.
Some Top Current SCDKey Sales:
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  1. There are some really good deals in that ad. That time when a sponsored advert pays off. 😀

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