The Impact of Gaming on Your Essay Writing Skills

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As a student in the 21st century, much of your learning relies on gadgets like a cellphone and laptop. This includes research, essay writing, and some content delivery from educators. The challenge here is that these devices are also a portal into the world of gaming, which for some students takes priority over their studies.

However, as much as the older generation might not want to admit it, gaming can have some positive influences on your academic performance, including your essay writing skills.

Advantages of gaming

Given how many hours players can spend on video games, it should come as no surprise that playing them can enhance your concentration span. When put to good use, this can help you remain more focused on your studies and getting assignments turned in on time.

Two additional soft skills that gaming enhances are decision-making and problem-solving. These are often something that even adults struggle with, leaving them prevaricating when they should be in action.

By being forced to make choices and overcome obstacles in a gaming context, young people become exposed to the concepts they can apply in the real world. For essay writing purposes, this could help students decide what they are going to write and be creative in approaching any challenges posed by assignment questions.

Critical thinking is another soft skill that gaming can teach young people. Critical thinking is defined as being able to analyze and evaluate something to form a judgment objectively

Teachers and lecturers often complain that students cannot come to a decisive conclusion in the essays they write, preferring instead to sit on the fence. This could be down to a lack of critical thinking skills. In the gaming context, a player is often placed in a situation where critical thinking skills guide them in their choices.

Many gamers manage to play while maintaining a conversation with someone else. This kind of multi-tasking is essential for today’s fast-paced lifestyle, where there always seem to be too few hours in a day. Students who can already multi-task will find themselves better suited to well-paid high-pressure jobs in management. This organizational function requires the employee to juggle many activities simultaneously.

These skills you can glean from gaming will not necessarily make you an essay writing rockstar. So, what are your options when deadlines start looming, and you feel overwhelmed?

Ask for essay writing help online

Do not be too hard on yourself if you find writing an essay alone a struggle. The topic might not appeal to you or be a concept you have had difficulty grasping. This does not make you a bad student, merely one who needs some assistance.

You should consider help writing an essay from professional essay writers at EduBirdie. They assist you with written tasks and do not charge the earth for their services. You have the additional benefit of learning from these experts when engaging their services as the finished product will meet academic standards and guide you in your future endeavors.

With so many gaming benefits and the help of experts, what could possibly be wrong with indulging in too much playing time?

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Disadvantages of gaming

Immersing yourself in a video game is a great way to escape reality for an hour or two. The problem comes in when one or two hours becomes nine or ten. Many gamers struggle with time management skills. They start a game with the best of intentions but are soon so involved that it is challenging to leave it. The unfortunate results for students include missed lessons, incomplete assignments, and failing grades.

Gaming is also an antisocial activity when you are only interacting with people virtually and ignoring the real humans around you. There is much to be gained from interaction with people in your life, and you should not live to regret missed opportunities later.

Interpersonal skills are vital for excellent job performance, regardless of the career path you choose to pursue after school or college. These are not learned communicating in the virtual world. While you might meet many interesting people online, they cannot be your only source of interaction.


Life is all about balance, and learning this from an early age will benefit you as an adult. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with spending time gaming. It becomes a problem when gaming takes over your life and prevents you from doing everyday activities, such as achieving your education goals and moving towards realizing your ambitions. Provided you are not falling behind with these, there is a benefit in enjoying a gaming session.

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