Where The Water Tastes Like Wine Physical Edition Physical Edition Is Out Now

where the water tastes like wine screenshot of skeleton walking down a dark road

PM Studios has launched a brand new physical edition of Where The Water Tastes Like Wine for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 platforms today.

Whether you’re preparing to get back outside into the real world or curling up inside for a little longer, you’ll be able to keep a copy of Where The Water Tastes Like Wine with you. Today players can take hold of their adventure as PM Studios, Dim Bulb Games, and Serenity Forge release a range of physical versions of this narrative adventure.

The one-of-a-kind adventure title will be available for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch through Limited Run Games. PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch Standard copies will set back gamers $34.99, while the Nintendo Switch gets an exclusive SteelBook copy for $44.99. Both formats will also come in a very special Collector’s Bindle set at 250 units a piece for $64.99.

Every boxed copy will get an applicable cartridge or disc, as well as a soundtrack from these travels. The Collector’s Bindle set will house a few more items, including the following extras:

  • Physical copy of the game
  • 15oz Enameled Steel Camper Mug
  • Jewel Case Soundtrack CD
  • Deck of 16 Tarot Cards
  • Fabric Wall Art

As players pick up and plug in their own copy of Where The Water tastes Like Wine, this narrative adventure will guide them across a folkloric Depression era United States. As this path unwinds across the country, players can interact with strangers and new friends, collect unique stories, and uncover a unique new world. It’s a very different experience to blowing your way across enemy territory and is out now. If you are interested in this tale of discovery, check out the Limited Run Games website for your own copy now.

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