Willy Morgan & the Curse of Bone Town Announced

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imaginaryLab has announced that its point-and-click side-scrolling adventure game, Willy Morgan & the Curse of Bone Town, will be launching on both GoG and Steam on August 11th. Players who purchase the game during its first week will be able to leverage a sweet 15% discount.

Willy Morgan is inspired by Day of the Tentacle and the Monkey Island series of games. It provides players with classic gameplay elements as well as modern features including the need to collect clues to solve challenging puzzles. All of this action is set in a 3D pirate world.

Key Features:

  • Non-linear gameplay – Explore without constraint, collect items, and solve stimulating puzzles.
  • Unique graphic style – A fantastical world with a magical atmosphere.
  • Full HD quality – Cinematographic cutscenes and over 50 locations to see.
  • A pirate world with a modern twist – Pirates and computers? Why not?!
  • 15 NPCs to interact with – Learn about the story through several hours of interactive dialogues packed with irony and easter eggs.
  • Original soundtrack – More than two hours of original music.

Check out the Willy Morgan & the Curse of Bone Town official site to learn more.

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