Author: Tyler Hancock

The Hong Kong Massacre

The Hong Kong Massacre Switch Review

As I get older and memories begin to consolidate, my brain has started chopping out large swaths of details and mushing everything together in an easily-misreadable fashion. Often, I find myself with ...

5 Average
SuperEpic Review

SuperEpic Review for Nintendo Switch

Good satire has to be difficult to create.  I mean, it must be, or there would be more of it.  It’s hard to be funny without becoming a clown, and it’s hard to comment on the present without sounding ...

6 Fair

Unruly Heroes Review

So many things have personality.  A dog has a personality.  A chair can have personality.  A cloud, even, if you have enough imagination.  Unruly Heroes was created, presumably, by people who all have...

4 Poor

Masquerada Switch Review – Come Slog With Me

I enjoy reading slow, dragging fiction.  I really do. I love a methodical, in-depth look at a created world.  Uncovering characters and motivations and rich histories over the course of hundreds of pa...

5 Average
Cuphead Switch Review

Cuphead Switch Review

Let me get my dead horse shots in: For a dude who grew up watching Looney Tunes, Cuphead is a glory to behold.  Studio MDHR nailed the look and feel of the golden age of cel animation.  Although it in...

7 Good

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