2 Games Available Free on Epic Games Store Today


As the free titles from Epic continue to flow each week we are given two more as of today. A few quick notes before we get to the games themselves. It has been more than three years and Epic continues to give the fans games to play for free. Their plans are to run this program through at least the end of 2022. If you haven’t created an Epic account you can do so for free and start collecting. Now back to the reason you are here.

The first title that is available this week is Total War: Warhammer. The first in a trilogy at this time and a pretty good time. It is a strategy game which allows you to build up your armies and take over cities and towns to build your forces to defeat the other leaders in the region. Take to the fields as you control your armies directly.

The second title for the week is City of Brass. A title influenced by Arabian Nights. A first-person action game developed by former BioShock employees you will have sword fights with skeletons and explore a rich Arabian environment.

The list of titles is a long one since this program initially started and not all of them were desirable. Most of these games have been a lot of fun so give it a try if you haven’t already.

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