Blade & Soul 2 Looks Set To Release In 2021

Blade & Soul 2, the upcoming follow up to NCSoft’s longstanding kung-fu MMORPG looks like it will finally be with us in 2021.

Overnight, it seems that NCSoft has confirmed that they will be bringing us the future of the Blade & Soul franchise this coming year through a series of social media posts that deliberately have the year ‘2021’ stamped all over them. You can check out the youtube teaser above which seems to show some high def concept art, intermixed with the 2021 logo. We get to see what appears to be a Lyn character, some seriously powerful magic, and not much else.

bns 2021

This trailer has also dropped alongside some social media posts depicting other artwork linked to the 2021 title and the upcoming Blade & Soul2 logo. While it doesn’t tell us a great deal about the final release date, it is worth noting that the youtube teasers are all linked to the Korean arm of NCSoft. That aside this is still likely intended for western audiences too. We’re waiting to hear back from NCSoft to find out if this means we are going to get something on western shores soon.

For those of you that missed the G-Star announcement a few years ago, Blad & Soul 2 is part of NCSoft’s roadmap of mobile MMOs, which kicked off with Lineage 2 Revolution. It is expected to return to the same Wuxia styled world, giving players a massive new story to fight their way through,m without the hang up of the faction based system we saw in the first Blade & Soul. You can find out more about Blade & Soul 2 here on Gamespace as we get more detail and over at the official NCSoft website before Blad & Soul 2 arrives in 2021.

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