Bloodlines 2 – Tremere Clan Revealed

Following the reveal of thin-bloods and the Brujah, Paradox Entertainment introduced a new clan: the Tremere, masters of blood magic and seekers of knowledge and power.

Tremere were not allowed in significant numbers throughout Seattle’s history, though that has changed recently. After the fall of the Pyramid, Tremere have sought allies wherever they can find them, offering services and secrets that were once only kept to themselves. At least a few Tremere have managed to settle in the Pacific Northwest. However, not all Kindred in Seattle warmly welcome the warlocks into their city, citing historical precedent and general distrust of their ways. Still, the blood magic of the Tremere cannot be denied as a force to be respected. Whether or not the Tremere are here to stay is another matter entirely…

According to VentureBeat, Tremere’s blood magic comes in two forms. The first one is Thaumaturgy, the sorcery that uses blood in destructive ways. Doing so in front of mortal witnesses violates the rules of the Masquerade. Three of its powers are:

  • Skewer: This launches a small portion of the vampire’s blood at the feet of their enemies, where it erupts in a patch of razor-sharp spikes. Once they dissolve, a stream of blood flows back to the caster.
  • Purge: This enables the vampire to make their victims vomit blood, damaging them heavily. A stream of blood flows back to the caster.
  • Blood Boil: A master of Thaumaturgy may cast Purge for a second time on an affected NPC, causing the blood in their veins to sear. The wretch explodes within moments; bystanders in a large area are damaged. Blood from each victim streams back to the caster.

The second form of blood magic is known as Auspex, which opens the warlock’s mind and expands senses. Its usage doesn’t violate the rules of the Masquerade. Two of its powers are:

  • Aura Sense: This enables the vampire to spot NPCs even through walls, read crowds at a glance, and mark individuals to keep them in their sights over long distances. It also enables the vampire to spot the weaknesses in a marked NPC’s attack and defense.
  • Psychic Projection: This detaches the vampire’s mind from their body. Untethered, they can explore the area in astral form, remaining free to use Aura Sight to mark any character they spot. Beyond that, the vampire’s mastery of their own senses has grown to such an extent that they can telepathically overwhelm the senses of others for a short while.

Check out the original VentureBeat article or the official site of the game to learn more.

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  1. “We seek knowledge. And knowledge is true power.” I take this and the fact that they’re suddenly referring to Tremere as scientists (unlike the first game) to mean Cappadocian (the actual scientific clan) won’t be making a comeback.

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