Dauntless – Lady Luck Arrives with Fortune & Glory

Free-to-play Action RPG Dauntless is in for some big changes. With the end of Hidden Blades on July 16, the season of High Skies will begin. Slayers will face new challenges in the form of the Island of Trials as the first Hunt Pass, Fortune & Glory, kicks off and will last until some time in August when Zephyr Strike Hunt Pass will be ready to take over. Each pass will feature a full fifty levels, two tracks (Basic and Elite), and a treasure trove of themed rewards.

Phoenix Labs published a new blog post explaining in detail what the arrival of Lady Luck in Fortune & Glory means for the Slayers of Ramsgate. You can check it out here.

Just in case the promise of a good fight isn’t enough to bait your hook, Lady Luck also offers exclusive Trials rewards. New weapon mods, special moves, and “Yes, I am that good” cosmetics can be purchased with Marks – a new currency earned through Trials successes. Spend Steel Marks on combat-enhancing items and Gilded Marks on looking good. Save up enough, and you can even fill in a brand-new cosmetic slot:

  • Wall of Champions celebrates the fastest completion times for each week’s Trial. It is divided into Solo and Group times. Maybe you can even top both!
  • Flavour of the Week: Trials will change up once every seven days.
  • Pest Control: Smollusks, snail-like creatures, are the first aggressive fauna you’ll encounter while fighting on the Island of Trials. And while they might not look like much, a few unchecked smollusks can quickly turn a good run into a disastrous dance across miles of ooze.

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