Borderlands 3 – Takedown at the Guardian Breach Live Now!

The developers from Gearbox Software have released Takedown at the Guardian Breach, the latest free endgame challenge for looter-shooter Borderlands 3. Takedown is an extreme challenge meant to push you to the limits – and it scales to the number of players in your party. Note that Takedowns are primarily designed with a full party of four well-geared, max-level Vault Hunters in mind.

In order to access Takedowns, you’ll need to have finished the main story campaign. But it’s highly recommended that you only take them on after you’ve hit max level, found a build that suits you, and have a weapon and gear loadout that powers up that build’s strengths.

Ready for another endgame challenge, Vault Hunter? Takedown at the Guardian Breach is now live in Borderlands 3, offering a gauntlet of elite enemies and fearsome boss encounters that’ll put your skills and loadout to the test.

Those who survive Takedown at the Guardian Breach can look forward to some sweet rewards, including Legendary weapons, grenade mods, and shields you won’t find anywhere else. There are also some swanky cosmetics to collect, including Vault Hunter skins, an ECHO Device skin, and Emotes for your character. As with Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite, you’ll have to run through Takedown at the Guardian Breach multiple times if you hope to acquire all of its best items. We hope you enjoy this second Takedown, and wish you luck in your pursuit of all the new Legendary gear!

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