Cantha Revealed In First look at Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons


ArenaNet has just given fans of their iconic MMORPG a very first look at Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons in a special live stream.

Guild Wars 2 is getting a third expansion, and ahead of the launch date developer ArenaNet has given us all a glimpse behind the curtain in a special End of Dragons live stream. Due to thrust players of ArenaNet’s iconic MMORPG across the jade Sea and into Cantha, the newest update to Guild Wars 2 will hit Pcs in 2022. Before that happens, however, we got a look at what we’re likely to see a land that’s been undisturbed by our meddling for 200 years.



Cantha is a multi-ethnic land of magic that is home to the oldest nation of humans in all of Tyria. First seen in 2006’s Guild Wars Factions, this lush region dotted by islands and exotic architecture has been closed off and isolated from the rest of the world for over 200 years in the aftermath of The Jade Wind, a magical curse that petrified everything it touched and devastated the southeastern coastal regions. Canthan innovators have long sought practical applications for the material now known as “dragonjade,” achieving solutions undreamed of elsewhere in the world thanks to this vast store of magical energy. But the dragon cycle that has sustained and blighted Tyria for ages is collapsing…

Some of the newly revealed voice talent, including Erika Ishii, Noshir Dalal, Ry Chase, Rina Hoshino, Tina Huang, and Sarah Sokolovic will serve as allies and guides when we get to Cantha and explore the new realm, but we also heard more from an old voice during this stream. Colin Johansen, who recently returned to ArenaNet has been conducting the hype train with his usual energy.

“We’re incredibly excited to bring players back to the realm of Cantha for the first time in 15 years,” said Colin Johansen, studio director. “End of Dragons represents the realization of the entire development team’s passion for Guild Wars 2, and our continued commitment to creating quality content for players old and new.”

Sueges and Skifs

Unfortunately, we’re not quite getting a hype train in-game quite yet. Instead, players picking up Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons will get the chance to try out the game’s first multiplayer mount, the Siege Turtle. Capable of hosting two riders, this walking war machine will bring co-op gameplay to Guild Wars 2’s renowned and acclaimed selection of game-changing mounted beasts. 

On the sea, players will also get watercraft called Skiffs will serve as a mobile ferry for friends and guildmates. Oh, don’t forget the awesome news that fishing will now feature in Guild Wars 2 for the first time.

As with other expansions, Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons will include new specializations, a new set of Masteries, a new suite of third-generation Legendary Weapons inspired by the iconic Elder Dragon Aurene. 

Pre Orders

For players eager to pre-order can grab a copy of Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons now at for $29.99, and includes a bundle of pre-purchase bonus items, including a Flame Serpent Weapon Chest, a Shing Jea Mosaic Cape, a special Prodigy of Shing Jea character Title, a shared inventory slot, and a level 80 character boost. The Deluxe Edition ($54.99) comes with the standard edition bundle, plus another batch of exclusive items: a Shing Jea Dragon Boat Skiff skin, a Canthan Raptor mount skin, an additional character slot, and an Identity Repair Kit. The End of Dragons Ultimate Edition ($79.99) includes the exclusive Standard and Deluxe Edition items, plus 4,000 Gems.

Frankly, we can’t wait to ride a siege turtle when End of Dragons launches next year.

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