Check Out Lost Ark Gameplay Introduction

The developers of MMO action-RPG Lost Ark have shared a gameplay introduction video to welcome players to Arkesia.

The video goes through a swift game overview covering character creation, solo & co-op gameplay and world exploration before focusing on classes – Warrior, Assassin, Mage, Gunner & Martial Artist. Each of the mentioned classes also gets access to powerful Advanced classes, giving players the freedom of tackling the game and its dangers exactly how they want to.

The next chapter of the video is dedicated to fine-tuning abilities. The game uses a tripod system that allows players to acquire skill points and customize and upgrade abilities to fit your chosen playstyle.

The video then focuses on the world of the game, Arkesia, and everything it has to offer: from open-world exploration to sailing the seas – including making sure that your means of transportation and the crew are up for the task! Additionally, the game provides an option to build, customize and upgrade your own stronghold to use as your home base, fleet headquarters and crafting workshop all at once.

Of course, Lost Ark won’t be much of an MMO if it didn’t feature Dungeons and Raids for players to conquer. If you prefer to hone your skills against other players, the game features a PvP system as well, pitting two teams of three players against each other in PvP arenas.

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