Core Keeper – Take a Look at 2023 Roadmap

Core Keeper - Take a Look at 2023 Roadmap

Developer Pugstorm has taken to Steam to reveal what’s next for Core Keeper, and the best place to start looking at the upcoming additions is the new 2023 Roadmap that can bring players up to speed.

Since its release into Early Access stage, Core Keeper received a number of updates and patches, including Easter event, dedicated servers update, Sunken Sea update, Cozy Caverns, Halloween & Christmas events as well as the Desert of Beginnings. However, the developers show no signs of stopping or slowing down and have revealed what’s next now that the Quality of Love update is out!

  • March 8 – Core Keeper Anniversary;
  • March – Cherry Blossom Festival;
  • April – Easter Event;
  • Spring – Animal Update;
  • 2023 – Crystal Biome.

The Animal Update (name TBC) is the next major content update that will be rolled out in Spring. The developers are very excited about this one as it will introduce the long-requested pets mechanic, allowing players to discover, hatch, and care for a variety of friendly critters.

“Alongside the addition of new content and mechanics, we’ll be making lots of game-wide improvements and adjustments with this update. We want each individual to have a unique experience when exploring the underground, and we’ve been keeping a close eye on how you, as a community, are actually playing the game. To that end, we’ll be revisiting and refining existing content to really enrich the in-game experience, paying special attention to the ways in which we can make the world feel more alive through features like environmental responses (such as cave-ins) and fleshed out combat (including a new parry mechanic for shields).”

Check out the Core Keeper Steam page to learn more, including detailed description of every part of the roadmap.

Core Keeper 2023 Roadmap

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