Eagle Eyes Night Driving Glasses Review

Late last year, we shared our thoughts on what, at the time, was a new glasses brand to us with the Eagle Eyes 4-in-1 Glasses System. We walked away impressed at how much Eagle Eyes brought to the table and, more importantly, with less eye strain after hours at the computer. Earlier this month, Eagle Eyes reached out to us about their new Nighttime Driving Glasses.

Though nighttime driving glasses fall outside the realm of gaming and tech, one thing we can all agree on is that taking care of our eyes is important. After a long evening commute home, headlight glare and bright street lights can leave you tired, head-aching, and cut short those precious hours of quality time at home. And frankly, feeling like that, the last thing I want to do is sit down in front of a screen. Are Eagle Eyes new glasses a solution?

This is our review of Eagle Eyes Nighttime Driving Glasses.

Eagle Eyes Nighttime Driving Glasses Review

Overview and Features

The first thing to know about these glasses is that they aren’t your average yellow-tinted “HD” set you’ll find at the department store. I’ll be frank with you all: I’ve used those glasses and they always struck me as cheap yellow sunglasses in thick, old-man frames. You might not be surprised to hear that I was pretty skeptical going into these as a result of those experiences. Still, I tried to put those experiences to the side and took these on as if they were might first.

As you might imagine, Eagle Eyes’ Night Driving Glasses are available in many different styles. I chose the Ultralite NL frames which are, in fact, rimless. The lenses are held in place with a pair of lightweight stainless steel arms and nose bridge. I really liked this style. It throws the “75 year old retiree in Florida” design of most night driving glasses out the window. Instead, they look modern and stylish; even if you’re wearing them in your car by yourself, it’s nice that you don’t have to look silly to be comfortable behind the wheel.

Of course, you can choose from a wide variety of styles or even pick them up as part of a kit. 

When it comes to features, all of these options will deliver the same. The lenses used in the glasses are specially treated and colorized to cut down on glare and reflections when driving, as well as to enhance visual acuity. The product page describes the lenses as “micro infused” to enhance contrast but I couldn’t find much more information than that (we’ll update the article if we do), but as we’ll get to in the next section, it’s not an empty promise. The lenses also feature multiple levels of scratch protection, which will come in handy if you leave them outside of the case.

Here’s the breakdown:

Usage Impressions

Often, I’m traveling in the hours as the sun is setting and progressing into dusk. During that time, I’ve driven on highways, on country roads, and through city streets using the Ultralite Night Driving. I’m not out at night every day but often enough that these glasses should make a big difference for me.

The biggest indicator that they work and they’re not your average yellow “HD” glasses is simply this: I now use them every single time I drive at night. Every time. What Eagle Eyes claims on their product page is true: these cut down on headlight glare and change the coloration of bright blue light enough where they make a fundamental difference in how comfortable it is to drive in low light. They don’t cause prisms from headlights or distort, even when they’re at their brightest, just before oncoming traffic passes you by. Put simply: these are clearly, visibly the best night driving glasses I’ve tried and put those “as seen on TV” frames to shame.

What I didn’t expect is how much nicer they make it to be on the road when it’s overcast or rainy. I tried them on a whim on a dreary day last week and the tint totally eliminated the grey dreariness of the day. The green grass on the sides of the road became more vibrant and, if it wasn’t for the wet roads, you could have convinced me it was actually sunny. As someone who hates grey, depressing days that was a major surprise and I’ve worn them on other overcast days since.

My biggest wish is that they offered a prescription lens option. Eagle Eyes offers frames that fit over your prescription lenses but they’re just not for me. Thankfully, my vision isn’t so bad that I can’t go without my glasses on a car ride, but if they ever offer the prescription option, you can sign me up.

Final Thoughts

I went into this review skeptical. I was multiple times bitten by similar products in the past, but I’m glad I gave this one a shot. When I come home in the evening now, my eyes aren’t stressed from the road and I’m less tired. I’m often carting around my family of five on family trips, especially when it’s after dark, and I feel these  keep me more alert thanks to that reduced eye strain and more aware of hazards like deer on the side of the road. For $59.95, it’s a worthy investment for if you spend a lot of time driving in low light.

Eagle Eyes' Nighttime Driving Glasses are a cost-effective and stylish option to reduce eye strain on the road, leaving you less tired after long drives and ready to dive into your game.
  • Stylish look with lots of frame options
  • Affordable pricing
  • Reduces eye strain from headlights/street lamps
  • Work great on overcast days
  • No prescription lens option
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