Evil Genius 2: World Domination – Gameplay Trailer

At the PC Gaming Show, the criminal masterminds from Rebellion have unveiled more details of the sequel to the evilest game out there and showed the first gameplay trailer for Evil Genius 2: World Domination. Gaze upon our work below, and despair, Forces of Justice!

In Evil Genius 2 you can live out your supervillain dreams. Create your own island lair, amass a force of loyal miscreants, take on secret agents and, finally, execute your nefarious plot to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

The first gameplay footage brims with never-before-seen tyranny and treachery. From menacing new henchmen and minions to sinister traps and powerful contraptions… and is that a fleeting tease of Max’s new Doomsday Device? Well, we do love to be cruel!

Simply follow these 7 easy steps on how to take over the world and everything your dark heart desires will be yours for the taking…

  • Step 1: Build Your Evil Lair
  • Step 2: Train Your Minions
  • Step 3: Recruit Special Henchmen
  • Step 4: Send Minions on Nefarious Missions
  • Step 5: Dispose of Secret Agents
  • Step 6: [Redacted]

Check out Evil Genius 2 Steam page to find out more. The team also prepared development update video with lead designer Rich Edwards that breakdowns the gameplay trailer and more.

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