Fight Crab Gets A Crab-tivating New Trailer!

You might have thought Pigeon Simulator was the summit of all outrageous animal adventures but today the team behind Crab Fight proved they are crab-apple of so much more.

Today indie developer Nussoft dropped the latest trailer for a PvP battle for the ages. As crabs fight for honor and glory, things take a slightly leftfield turn or shuffle. The brand new trailer gives players a glimpse of the wide range of combat enhancements available for Fight Crab, by which I mean it pits two crabs against each other with lightsabers. Players who shuffle into battle can take control of a crab, given ultimate strength and intelligence by the gods, and go shell for leather with a range of implements. Guns, hammers, swords, and lightsabers are all part of this ludicrous game’s arsenal. With 19 playable crab species and over 40 vicious weapons, at my last count, there is more than one way to prawn your opponents.

Fight Crab first dropped a trailer back in 2018 and the unique combat simulator is due to release on the Nintendo Switch sometime in the near future. Nussoft has already released a PC compatible version of the combat simulator where crabs try to flip each other onto their shells. The PC version of the game is currently in early access and available via and Booth for around $15 or local equivalent. We don’t have an official launch date yet for the title and there is no indication when Nussoft will bring this to Nintendo Switch. When the full release is claws then we will let you know. For now, just shellebrate in the glorious new trailer.

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