Grimmwood Enters Open Beta


Headup Games and Moustache Games have come together to announce their upcoming social multiplayer RPG game that will be an interesting mix of survival, roguelike and exploration elements. Grimmwood will mash together up to 30 strangers who must work together to build and protect their village. Unfortunately for them, this village happens to be parked smack dab in the middle of an ageless mystical forest full of monsters, mystery and the unknown. Players must work together to prepare a defense to hold of the hordes during the night.

Players must take their precious daylight hours and spend stamina points to explore the procedurally generated forest, seek out weapons and materials to help bolster the village’s defenses. The key in all of this is cooperation, with tasks and challenges being shared among players. The end goal is to survive the night while trying to create a thriving village for your people to live in.

The World of Grimmwood is set during a 16th-century war and thus your villagers will be comprised of refugees who seek shelter in this mystical forest. Many of the people you will encounter will have experienced loss and as such are turning to you for hope. Together you must work to uncover the mysteries of the village all while protecting its people and defending against monstrous hordes.

The game features a host of interesting mechanics from procedural map generation to continuous asynchronous multiplayer. The latter essentially meaning that you can log in at any time during the real 24 hour time cycle to level up your character, defend the village or explore with other players. The game will also include a permadeath system with only your knowledge and ingenuity carrying over to your next play session. The game also features a fairly robust social interaction system with options to vote to expel players who aren’t playing by the rules.

As of today players who are interested in exploring Grimmwood can jump on over to Steam and join the Open Beta until mid-July. Be sure to check out the trailer above or you can also check out the official site for more information.

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  1. Looks interesting.

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