Hack, Slash, Get Out Of Bed As Dreamscaper Hits Early Access Today

Dreamscaper, a surreal action RPG that delves into the twisted realms of the subconscious mind is out now on PC, via Steam Early Access.

Hitting the hay today and available for a fairly dreamy 25% discount over on Steam, this brand new hack and slash RPG is set to drag players down into the realms of the subconscious mind, where nothing is quite what it seams. Lovingly crafted with a gorgeous aesthetic, Dreamscaper plunges players into another world as they follow Cassidy, a young woman, where she wrestles with her own inner demons.

It’s Not Real?

Trapped in a trauma-induced loop, where her slumber brings nothing but torment, Cassidy battles her way through a range of dungeons, full of challenges for her to overcome. Her only real weapon in this internal struggle is the power of lucid dreaming. By returning to the waking world, Cassidy can forge friendships and understand the world around her, bolstering her psychic abilities and allowing her to strike back in the dream. This all plays out into a hack and slash style combat experience where players will find a range of roguelike levels, hundreds of unique items, a cluster of ranged and melee weapons, modifiers, keepsakes, and a bunch of other loot that the development team dreamed up. Now it’s time for this interesting looking RPG to make it in the waking world.

“It’s been an exciting journey this summer on our road to Early Access, and we’ve been blown away by the response to Dreamscaper in events like the Steam Game Festival, IGN’s Summer of Gaming, and Day of the Devs,” said Ian Cofino, co-founder, Afterburner Studios. “Unleashing the game on Steam today is a huge milestone for us and we’re looking forward to hearing more from players as we continue to fine-tune this experience and make Dreamscaper the action RPG of our dreams.”

If you’re interested in a different take on dungeons and demons then head over to the Dreamscaper Steam Store Page now or check out the trailer above.

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