Is the XS Max the best iPhone yet for gaming?

There was plenty of hype surrounding the release of the iPhone XS Max earlier this autumn. With a massive screen, an innovative camera, and astonishing processing power, the iPhone SX Max marked Apple’s best entry into the ‘phablet’ market yet. (Image courtesy of

The mobile device’s huge 6.5-inch display means that it’s particularly well-suited to media consumption. And with top-level games like Red Dead Redemption constantly pushing the envelope of what we expect from our gaming platforms, there are plenty of gamers who will be keen to see whether the device is up to the mark.

With high-end versions of the iPhone XS Max setting you back an astonishing £1,449, it’s clear that this mobile device could burn a serious hole in your pocket. But if it’s going to help your gaming talents, could this smartphone turn out to be a shrewd investment?

The sheer size of the iPhone XS Max means that it might not exactly sit comfortably in just one hand. But if you’re using this device to play long-lasting titles like Civilization VI, then you should be able to use two hands and not suffer too much.


But it’s the massive 6.5-inch OLED display that could be the iPhone XS Max’s biggest selling point. What’s particularly impressive is the fact that this even features HDR support so that the color reproduction and contrast are taken up a level. Whilst such factors probably won’t be an issue if you’re playing fairly simple titles like Gonzo’s Quest, it certainly has the potential to make it easier to get a little more accuracy in your next Clash Royale showdown.

In terms of audio, the iPhone XS Max has once again ditched the standard headphone jack, but they have more than compensated for this by upgrading the device’s speakers. This somehow manages to make the device’s sound appear weirdly wider, and there was also a significant boost in the low-end of this powerful device.

When it comes to processing power, you should be able to use the iPhone XS Max and not have to suffer any problem’s with the performance of your game. The device’s new A12 Bionic chip is reportedly 50% more powerful than the chip in last year’s smartphone, and it had no problem in keeping up with the lushly rendered graphics of a title like Batman: The Telltale Series.

But what about battery life? All mobile gamers will know that there’s nothing worse than running out of juice when you are out and about. Thankfully, Apple appear to have once again stepped up to the mark by ensuring that the iPhone XS Max is able to last an entire day without recharging.

This is a pretty impressive development for a smartphone that’s so full of high-end processing power. Obviously, if you are really going for it with a processor-heavy title, then the iPhone XS Max might not last the distance, but on the whole, we think that Apple could have given us the best gaming smartphone yet.

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