Mobile vs. PC vs. Console Gaming: Which is Best?

Mobile vs PC gaming

Now, in 2020, gamers are incredibly fortunate to have a wide range of platforms available for them to play their favorite games. At the very top of the pile, there are 3 main gaming platforms: mobile, PC, and console.

Across these 3 platforms, gamers have access to huge libraries of games. From the most popular video game titles to slightly less traditional game style like word games and even gambling apps like these rated casinos on

Each gaming platform has its merits but is there one that is truly the best gaming platform?

This article will help you answer that question by highlighting the benefits of each and comparing them so you can discover which platform, if any, reigns supreme.

Mobile Gaming

The number of smartphone users around the globe continues to grow and, in 2020, has surpassed 3.5 billion. All of those people have access to a world of games n their pockets and can play them almost anywhere, whenever they like. We’re not just talking about simple games like Snake anymore, regardless of how great it was.

Thanks to the power and tech in modern smartphones, the mobile gaming experience is more capable and immersive than ever. Companies like Razer and Asus have even started to release dedicated gaming phones with crazy specs and buttons specifically for playing games.

Most games on a mobile device are going to be smaller and much-less graphically intense than a PC or console version but that doesn’t mean they can’t be just as much fun.

There is also a huge variety of games that lend themselves perfectly to mobile devices. For example, Candy Crush style games are super-popular and work very well on a mobile platform.

Overall, mobile gaming provides a much more portable option than any other platform with games that are, generally, much cheaper. Although they are also shorter and lower in quality than you’d find on a PC or console.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming Benefits

  • Portable
  • Accessible
  • Cheap games
  • A diverse range of game types

PC Gaming

Many gamers will tell you that PC is the only way real way to game. Of course, that isn’t the case but the PC does have a pretty strong case for being the best overall gaming platform out there.

A far cry from the text-based adventure games of the 70s, PC gaming now offers an unrivaled gaming experience when it comes to graphics and processing power.

PC gaming offers a seriously high-level of customization, which is a driving force behind its’ popularity. You can build a PC to fit a wide range of budgets and needs. A PC is also upgradeable so you can always keep up with the latest tech or even start smaller and build over time.

Gamers can take their experience to whatever level they desire. It is possible to get going with an off-the-shelf setup or to delve deep into the world of building, tweaking and overclocking.

On top of the superb gaming capabilities, it is also worth remembering that a PC can be used for numerous applications and isn’t just a gaming device. Your PC can be used for work as well as various other tasks. The downside to all of this when compared with consoles is that PC gamers will need to have more technical knowledge and expertise to build a platform that outperforms a console with a similar budget.

One final advantage for PC gamers is the games tend to be slightly cheaper. However, some games are exclusive to consoles so you won’t be able to play them at all on a PC.

PC Gaming

PC Gaming Benefits

  • Highest available performance
  • Cheaper games than console
  • Customizable and upgradeable
  • Multiple uses (Word processing, video editing, etc.

Console Gaming

The Magnavox Odyssey was the very first console that provided us with the means to play games at home from a TV set way back in 1972. Since that date, console gaming has exploded into a booming industry releasing thousands of games every year. The largest video game library belongs to Sony’s PS2 with over 3800 titles. That is a lot of games available from one little box.

The main draw with console gaming is the ease of use and user-friendly interface. When you buy a games console, you’re getting a device that was specifically designed for at-home gaming. Essentially, you can unbox it, plug it in, go through a few settings, and start playing your games. The more modern consoles can even function as full entertainment systems thanks to the availability of video and music streaming apps.

Although consoles aren’t as powerful as high-end gaming PCs, they are cheaper to purchase. Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, new games don’t get discounted as much as they do on PC marketplaces.

Console Gaming

The upside when it comes to game titles is the exclusives. Each console manufacturer secures several titles that will only ever be available to play on their console.

For example, one of the top games in recent years was God of War, which is exclusive to the Playstation 4. The list of games exclusive to a particular console is a deciding factor for many gamers when it comes to choosing their new gaming system.

Console Gaming Benefits

  • Very accessible
  • Simple to use
  • Relatively cheap to get started
  • Requires very little technical know-how
  • Console exclusive games

Conclusion: Which Platform is Best?

After reading the article, you’ve probably guessed that no single platform is the absolute best. It really depends on what you hope to get out of it.

If you want to have access to games when you are out and about, mobile gaming is best for you.

If you’d like the ability to play games at the very peak of their performance capabilities then opt for a gaming PC

Finally, if you want a dedicated gaming machine that is simple to use, features a lot of games, and even has some exclusive titles, console gaming is probably the direction to take.

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