Jagex To Launch Interstellar Indie This Means Warp

Jagex, the Uk studio behind classic MMOs and mythical clickers, is set to turn its publishing arm to indie roguelike this Means Warp.

After jumping into publishing with Melvor Idle and Flying Wild Hog’s Space Punks, this Means Warp is set to be the third entry under the UK studio’s publishing umbrella and this humorous new take on an FTL inspired adventure looks likely to shoot off into success when it lands on Steam Early Access oi on 17 March 2022.

Set in a far-flung future full of space farming races and evil bug-eyed aliens, players picking up This Means Warp will find themselves crewing an advanced spaceship. Ok, it’s more like a rickety chrome can with boosters, but that’s what makes these rogueish titles fun, right? Drawing on inspiration from a bunch of popular titles, this intense 1-4 player spaceship management sim is about to let you and your friends take on the final frontier, run cargo missions, battle space pirates, and generally try to keep on top of maintaining your ship. Sounding like something between Overcooked and FTL, This Means Warp provides plenty of ways to play. Deep strategic combat mixes with plenty of loot and upgrades, so you can build an epic battle cruiser, all while experiencing a narrative that doesn’t take itself all too seriously.

If it all sounds like a lot, then take a look at our interview with the team at developer Outlier, who assured us they KAAAAAAAHN bring this humorous new adventure to PC thanks to Jagex. If you haven’t already heard of This Means Warp, you can try out the demo and prepare to take your friends online and away into space on 17 March. Just check out the official Steam Store now.

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