Ashes of Creation January Development Update Is Here

Ashes of Creation developer Intrepid has just released a January development update for eager citizens of its upcoming MMORPG.

The MMORPG market is always filled with upcoming titles and the next savior of the genre, and while Intrepid Studios has had as many sceptics as supporters, the team behind this in progress MMO continues to drop regular development updates for Ashes of Creation. January is no different, with a new developer blog arriving online last night.

This time around players invested in pre-purchase packages and those taking a look around for the first time will get a chance to look at the Vek for the first time. The Vek are one of the many races in this new lore, and come in as taller than their other human counterparts and look like something between the traditional idea of an Orc and an Elf. You’ll get a better look at these divine stargazers in the blog, as well as a bunch of other new detail on the title.

All of these new characters will likely benefit from the studio’s move to Unreal Engine 5, which comes alongside other updates, including:

  • Combat, AI, and the Character Creator
  • New boats and siege equipment
  • Showcase of how the dynamic road tech simulation will work with node influence
  • Reveal of the Vek for the FIRST time
  • First look at the Niküa and Ren’Kai 3D models
  • Updated models for Dünir and Kaelar based on community feedback
  • New Tier 5 in-game achievable Dünir armor
  • Q&A session

For those that haven’t jumped into the news about Ashes of Creation yet, this high fantasy MMORPG was initially a crowdfunded project back in 2017, and is set to thrust players into a fallen fantasy world untouched by civilization for thousands of years. Picking from a range of options, p[ayers will venture out into a huge seamless world to rebuild, repopulate, and rediscover this uncharted realm.

To find out more about Ashes of Creation, check out the blog above or head to the official website now.

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