Need for Speed Heat – Official Launch Trailer

Need for Speed Heat is racing towards its release date. On November 8th, the game will be available to players worldwide. Ghost Games and Electronic Arts have revealed the official launch trailer you can find above.

If you want a more personal experience, the developers offer you the first custom trailer experience. You can create a custom ride in the NFS Heat Studio app and apply it to the trailer.

Send us the email connected to your EA Account (the same one you used in the NFS Heat Studio app) below, and you could receive a unique and personalized Need for Speed Heat launch trailer. If you are chosen, the Studio team will select one of the top five rides you have saved in the Showroom to appear in your trailer, so make sure you’ve only got the best of the best on display. The NFS Heat Wave is coming – don’t miss out.

In NFS Heat earn bank by day to create your perfect ride through sanctioned Speedhunters Showdown events. By night, enter illicit street races alongside your crew, earning rep and building heat. But stay ready – cops are waiting and not all of them play fair. The roads and the rides are endless in this twenty-four-hour street racer where only the fast are free to chase the line, risk everything and burn all limits.

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