Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has unleashed the trailer for the time-limited Halloween event that kicked off in the game today. Called The Doktor’s Curse, the event will pit players against monsters. Will they be able to return things to normal, or will the fiends live to terrorize another day?

Something’s not quite right with Doc. Soon after Theme Park closed, he moved in and made the castle his home, where he performs all sorts of disturbing experiments. In the end, he created something more evil than he intended.

  • On the Defenders’ side, a crew of trap Operators have mutated nearly beyond recognition, and they haunt the halls of the Castle as Monsters under the Doktor’s command.
  • On the Attackers’ side, a squad of mysterious Exterminators bring the expertise of familiar Operators, along with their own custom version of Sledge’s hammer.

Doktor’s Curse is a special Hide and Seek game mode, where Defenders must try to survive until the end of the round, unless they can manage to eliminate the powerful Attackers first. Both teams are equipped with special loadouts for this occasion, but none of them have access to guns or melee.

The event features Doktor’s Curse Collection, a set of unique cosmetics such as matching weapon skins and charms. Doktor’s Curse will run until November 6th.

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