Rainbow Six Siege – Operation Blood Orchid Shows Off Theme Park Map

Team Rainbow Chillin’ in a Park

Ubisoft has published a new video dedicated to the update Operation Blood Orchid for tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege. It highlights a new map called Theme Park. Check it out above!

Team Rainbow has been called to raid an abandoned theme park on the shores of Hong Kong. Two of S.D.U.’s most resourceful Operators were chosen to lead a lethal raid in this challenging perimeter. Get ready to discover a colorful and eclectic new map filled with dynamic and fast-paced face-offs.

You can find out more about the game on the official site.

What is Operation Blood Orchid?

It is the sixth expansion to be released for R6: Siege. Players can expect three new Operators from SDU and GROM CTUs and the Theme Park map.

It will be released on August 29th for Year Two Season Pass holders and on September 5th worldwide.

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