Rune II Just Got A Huge Campaign Update

Rune II, the Norse RPG from Studio 369 and Ragnarok Game LLC, just got a huge huge new Campaign Update that will overhaul Midgard.

Available right now, the campaign update for Rune II should bring a much-anticipated set of features and changes to Rune II that early adventurers to Midgard will have been waiting for. After a troublesome launch back in 2019, Rune II has slowly been patching through a number of issues and the latest addition follows on from work on the Lazarus and PTR updates before this.


For those of you that have been waiting for a bit more detail on this new Rune II campaign update, the new changes slots in an all-new main narrative to replace the old RUNE II storyline, with new characters, numerous quests, and an ending that seems a bit more appropriate for an epic Norse tale. The narrative changes also include a range of additional side quests, so you can wander off into the bush and do whatever Vikings do.

The Campaign Update also adds new dungeons of Midgard, an entire skill tree system, horde events, and villages. The skill trees follow four paths, based on different gods. Follow in the footsteps of Odin, Hel, Thor, and heathen as you gain experience and unlock over 20 abilities to make your own adventurer. The changes aren’t just limited to single-player extras either. Players looking to buddy up should find an overhauled co-op campaign, alongside a slew of other features. The full list can be found over on the Rune II website.

If you fancy jumping into Midgard and checking out the Rune II Campaign Update, check out the official website or head over to the Epic Games Store where Rune II is selling at a discount right now.

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