Skyforge PS4 Early Access Pack Giveaway – WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

Just comment to win!
skyforge ps4 early access giveaway


We’ll be emailing each of you your codes from, so check your email today, and spam folders! Grats on the win, and have fun with Skyforge PS4! As a reminder, these keys are for NA PS4 only.


1) Erick
2) William Oliveira
3) Eric Shimabukuro
4) viktor
5) Alisha Curry
6) Andres
7) Jamil padilla
8) Sarah Bano
9) lazyworlddestroyer
10) lou


11) depriment
12) KeithPaul
13) SuperNatePlays
14) Kira Vanity
15) Pi Er
16) GarrickDR
17) William Piper
18) Woodypl
19) Nathaniel
20) DTanilG
21) Megad1001
22) Paulo Queiroz Dos Reis Jr
23) Verez Page
24) Katsumi
25) Wilson lau

Hello, folks! Good news today – we’ve got 25 total packs to giveaway. 15 Early Adopter packs, and 10 Extended “Rage of the Berserker” Early Adopter packs. How do you win one? Register on the site, comment below why you deserve to win, and we’ll randomly pick the winners on April 7th, 2017! Check out our Skyforge PS4 Early Access Pack Giveaway.

Learn more about Skyforge PS4 HERE and on the PSN.

NOTE: These codes are ONLY good for the North American PlayStation Network. We don’t have any codes for the EU!

What’s in each Skyforge PS4 Early Access Pack?

Early Adopter Pack (14.99 USD/EUR)

This pack grants you Early Access to the exciting world of Skyforge. Become an Immortal and repel the Invaders!

This pack contains:

– Early Access to Skyforge

– 10,000 Argents

– 7 days of Premium Subscription

Premium Subscription: Increases your rewards for finishing missions and provides other bonuses

Argents: A game currency used for many different purposes. 

This Founder Pack provides access to Skyforge during the Early Access phase. After the Early Access phase, Skyforge will be available to download and play for free. Skyforge will be available for free from the 11th of April 2017.

 Extended Early Adopter Pack – Rage of the Berserker (49.99 USD/EUR)

This pack grants you Early Access to the exciting world of Skyforge. Become an Immortal and repel the Invaders!

This pack contains:

– Early Access to Skyforge

– Berserker Class Unlock

– 20,000 Argents

– 30 days of Premium Subscription

Premium Subscription: Increases your rewards for finishing missions and provides other bonuses

Argents: A game currency used for many different purposes

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  1. woo stuff

  2. Personally i dont think deserve one but the reason why i want one is because my computer isnt the greatest and my ps4 has room and gaming capacity that and i love MMOs 🙂 thanks for the chance to get one of these btw

  3. Been looking to try it out, why not 7 days early with some swag 🙂

  4. I deserve to win because I’m a winner and you all know it

  5. Might as well give it a try. I was planning on playing the game already, so free stuff…woot woot.

  6. pretty cool looking game i always wanted to play it

  7. Cuz i love the game sadly i have no money to spent so plz pick me!!

  8. Yaaaay! free stuff!!

  9. I dunno about deserving one but Bill made me wanna try it out on PS4.

  10. Sweet I’ve been looking for a key already dumped tons on the pc version but I have console friends which I wanna introduce to skyforge thanks a bunch if I get one.

    • I wonder if this will run smoother on my ps4 also since my alienware alpha would crash and lag sometimes lol.

  11. Hey,I was watching my friend play it through share play,and it reminds me of a game i loved on PC more than any F2P game,Champions Online. It looks amazing,but i just got Destiny 2(Limited Edition at that).and i want to play as the slayer soooooo bad,it’s like a combination of the Great Chain & Sickle from Toukiden 2 and a Ninja.My friend got it as well from his Girlfriend,and he’s my best friend,so i really want to play it with him. thanks for the chance.:)

  12. I want to play a new game and find a game that me and all my other friends will like and in whole group of friends i suck the most and i want to get a headstart before them so please let me win

  13. meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  14. I want to so try this out before it get release on april 11.

  15. I’ve been wanting to get into this game, but so does my girlfriend. Getting a free pack will make it easier for both of us to get in and grind the crap out of this game.

  16. OooOoOO I was gonna wait until it launched for free, but this would be amazing!!

  17. Choose me please, i loved the trailer of this game!!! it looks awesome!!

  18. My friend plays this game and is way ahead of me I just downloaded it. These packs would help catch up to him faster. It would be amazing if I won!!! Hope you pick me 😀

  19. There aren’t many mmo’s on consoles, sounds interesting.

  20. I want to play this game)))

  21. I think you should pick me because I’ve been waiting for this MMO to come out for the ps4 for awhile now. I dont have a great enough pc to run any games really. Plus my friends on ps4 are already playing the early access but me due to not having money for it 🙁

  22. Please pick Me! I really want to play this game.

  23. I’d like a code because I really really just need a “win” in life. Shit’s been rough, you know? Thanks for the chance though. Keep up the good work!

  24. I deserve to win a pack because I love MMOs and would love to get some fun time with Skyforge. THANKS

  25. Love playing mmorpg and skyforge combat looks more fluent and fun than any other mmorpg (ESO, Neverwinter). Really want to play this game !

  26. Hello, I will be happy to participate in this contest. And of course, I want to win in it, at least the usual set of access to the game. For me it’s very important, all my friends are in the game. Everyone is waiting for me, but I’m in a difficult situation – I can not share their happiness. I’m just waiting for a miracle. Thank you!

  27. Yo my name is Will and I’ve been balling out on MMO’s since Guild Wars and WoW. I haven’t been able to fix my pc, but I’ve been steady grinding on my ps4 with ESO. I would love to receive the berserker pack to help me out and would totally give advice and pointers to new MMO players. I appreciate the chance and contest, keep up the work and let’s see how big Skyforge can get!

  28. I want to win because i am old PC player, WHO switch to ps4 after very long time. I was playing ONLY MMorpg on PC. Sadly there Is not So much mmorpg on ps4 bit skyforge Will ve great oportunity to play mmorpg on ps4. With this giveaway IT Will also ve great start fór me.

  29. Just Log In to reply!!!

  30. Really excited for the release of this game! Cant wait to start streaming it. I’ll be playing support the whole way through, that alone should be code worthy ~{O•O}~

  31. I want one!

  32. I’d love an early access pack! I’m just starting to build my PS4 library of games and have been interested in Skyforge 🙂

  33. Could I please have a code?

  34. I would like a code so my friends can stop rubbing it in my face that they have the game #brokecollegestudent

  35. Hello. I would just like to say that I would really like it if I could have the  Extended Early Adopter Pack – Rage of the Berserker for Skyforge on the PS4. I never get to win a giveaway and it kind of sucks. I hope you see this comment and would please hand me a code. This is a brilliant game and I would LOVE to play this on the PS4 and enjoy it with my fellow friends, who are also getting this. You could probably give me the other early access stuff, but I really want the Berserker class since it’s really good and I enjoyed using it on my PC. You guys and really awesome and I hope I win a code!

  36. Uhh i love you long time 😅…plz i just want to play it and shoot everyone in the face with a giant cannon.

  37. Hi im Jesse, father of 3 boys. I am disabled and have had 2 back surgery’s and up for 1 more. So I am not able to work to buy new game to play. So i would love to win the chance to play this game. Thanks.

  38. I would like to win cause I just got my PS4 and I don’t have a lot of games for it. Plus I just really like MMO’s! ☺

  39. I used to play MMOs a lot when I was younger (Everquest, FFXI, WoW). MMOs haven’t really been able to hold my attention the way that FFXI used to. I’ve wanted to play them, but nothing made me feel that tinge of excitement. Upon watching the trailers and a player streaming this, I felt the long lost sense of anticipation. I really feel like this could jumpstart my MMO gaming once again. That is why I feel like I should be selected as a early access participant. Thank you either way.

  40. I think I should win because I’ve been waiting for this to come to PS4 for a while. Been wanting a MMO the that I could keep playing for a long time and not get bored and this looks like the one. Really like the customization options and the graphics. Would be really appreciative if I won. Either way thanks for doing this.

  41. I deserve to win because I love games such as Skyforge it reminds me of Battle of the Immortals by Perfect World Entertainment and many movies with gods. MMO’s on console are few and Skyforge looks very promising I love Berserkers to overpower my enemies with raw power and rage.

  42. Can I still get a code? I can wait till april, 11. But… I’m too excited to start right now!!!

  43. My friends are already playing Skyforge on PS4 but I couldn’t buy an Early Acces Pack. They’ve played for quite a while and I want to keep up with them.

  44. I need to play this game, the cryomancer calls to me in my sleep… “Play with me and rain down icy death upon your enemies!”

  45. I bought PS4 2 days ago and want to try to play this game in early access)))

  46. I love MMORPG’s. All my friends are already playing skyforge on ps4. I want/wish to join them soon or I’ll be too far behind, especially since they have premium boosts. :\ They’re waiting on my future support character! XD

  47. I really love MMO’s and I’m inspired by them and I want to create and MMO someday so I would love to win this giveaway and support the developers.

  48. So who won?

  49. Winners are being drawn today. We’ll announce soon!

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