Some EA Games are Currently on Sale on Steam

Some Electronic Arts Games are Currently on Sale on Steam

Publisher Electronic Arts (EA) started a new holiday sale on Steam, providing discounts for eight projects: the Dragon Age trilogy, the Mirror’s Edge dilogy, Mass Effect Andromeda, Sea of Solitude and Spore.

  • Dragon Age Origins – $4.99 with 75% discount (normally $19.99)
  • Dragon Age II – $7.99 with 60% discount (normally $19.99)
  • Dragon Age Inquisition GOTY Edition – $9.99 with 75% discount (normally $39.99)
  • Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe Edition – $9.89 with 67% discount (normally $29.99)
  • Mirror’s Edge – $4.99 with 75% discount (normally $19.99)
  • Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – $7.99 with 60% discount (normally $19.99)
  • Sea of Solitude – $4.99 with 75% discount (normally $19.99)
  • Spore – $4.99 with 75% discount (normally $19.99)

During The Game Awards 2020, EA and Bioware have been on hand to share two teaser trailers for the upcoming games: the next Mass Effect and the next Dragon Age dubbed The Dread Wolf Rises by the community. The discounts seem like a perfect opportunity to dive into Thedas or try out Andromeda if you haven’t yet in preparation for the games to come.

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  1. Sea of Solitude was a really good game

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