Fight Your Way Through Mass Effect Andromeda

Who doesn't like big guns?

Bioware put up the latest of gameplay videos for Mass Effect Andromeda. This one focuses on combat and shows off different skill categories as well as details loadouts and Ryder’s profiles.

Stick to your guns, Mass Effect Andromeda-style

Players will have access to 3 different types of weaponry. Some of them are old familiar guns from the Milky Way, based on physical projectiles. Plasma-based weapons of Helios races. Last, but not least, Remnant’s weaponry using heat system. Each one of them has their own strength as well as weakness. Some run out of ammo, others are slow or weak against armor. Make your choice carefully!

Players will have access to 4 ranged weapon categories: pistols, machine-guns, assault rifles and sniper rifles. All characters will get access to all weaponry types, no class limitations.

Mass Effect is coming out March 21st (23rd for EU) for PC, Xbox One and PS4. You can find out more about the game on the official site.

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