The Sims 4 is getting a fresh coat of paint & much more


The latest Maxis Monthly is in the bag, this time with some great news for The Sims 4. Players can look forward to a number of updates to the game including completely new box art and some great in-game additions.

A brand new collection of Sims will “star” on the box art. Developers said that this new “face” of the Sims will be present going forward. The new characters spotlight a “new life and new energy” for the franchise as it moves into the future.

In-game, players will notice that the main menu and loading screen have both been reworked as well.

Probably the coolest update is coming with the new “Create-a-Sim Story” that provides players with a 10-question quiz to help them pinpoint who their Sim is. Each question can be skipped, but the more that are answered, the better details the Sim will have. Once complete, Sims will be assigned aspirations, traits, career, skills, and starting funds. These cannot be changed once assigned.

Players will also have over a thousand new items to choose from in the Build & Buy category.

Lastly, Island Living is coming to consoles on Tuesday, July 16th.

Look for the updates to start rolling out on July 16th and a brand new video set for release on July 18th.

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  1. Beat me to it was going to put this all up today! Very hype for this update tomorrow!

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