Gods & Monsters is 100% mythology & it sounds awesome

Gods & Monsters

Ubisoft introduced Gods & Monsters to the world during this year’s E3. It’s an upcoming open world “storybook adventure” by the same team behind Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

Late last week, an in-house interview with Creative Director Jonathan Dumont and Senior Producer Marc-Alexis Cote was published. It explores many of the game’s features and some of the inspiration behind it. There are a few pretty cool nuggets of information included.

Developers loved being able to explore mythology in Odyssey but were somewhat limited by the type of game and the “limits what you can tap into,” according to Dumont. With Gods & Monsters, developers have much more freedom and have created a game that is “100% mythology”.

“Gods & Monsters really is a brand new type of game for us that is a complete mythological adventure built on the four-year background we have of building a historical Greek setting.” Dumont continued.

Part of the magic for developers is the fact that myths transcend history. Myths cover a wide gamut of emotions including humor, fear, danger, and more. “It allows you to work in a different spectrum,” devs said. The goal is to retell familiar (and unfamiliar!) myths in interesting ways that have a profound effect on players.

Ubi isn’t leaving the telling of these stories to chance or memory either. Devs have brought in Dr. Stephanie-Anne Ruatta who specializes in mythology. She brings a unique voice to the team with her expertise.

Gods & Monsters will also bring humor to the table, both as a gameplay feature, but also a nod to the original myths that were often humorous as well.

The interview goes on to explore gameplay features including interacting with the world; Typhon as the story’s villain; what makes G&M different from other open world exploration games; customization of Fenyx, the protagonist; the stylized game world and more.

It’s a great read, so head over to the Gods & Monsters site to check it out!


  1. I’m really looking forward to this one! I loved Odyssey and have no doubts I’ll love this too. I like the whimsical art style and the more light-hearted approach they’re taking.

    • Looking forward to this one also! Watching daily to also see what the Origins team has been up to, can’t wait to see when they share that info!

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