Unleash Your Inner Builder with House Flipper 2 Sandbox Mode

Unleash Your Inner Builder with House Flipper 2 Sandbox Mode

Budding builders will be happy to hear that Frozen District and PlayWay have announced that the keenly anticipated Sandbox Mode will be added to House Flipper 2 before its December 14th launch. With the new game mode, players will no longer be shackled by purchasing and renovating homes. Instead, they’ll be able to craft houses from the ground up, literally one brick at a time, using the same tools the devs use to create the game.

Player feedback has been integral to adding a more creative mode, and developers are happy to comply. With a new trailer shining the spotlight on sandbox mode, developers showcase new features and how players can unleash their creativity to create spectacular homes.

Sandbox Mode features

    • New Sandbox Mode: Build from scratch with unparalleled creative freedom. From a Minecraft-inspired house to a chic urban residence, the sky’s the limit.
    • Advanced Building Tools: Use grid snapping or free placement for meticulous design control.
    • Customization and Flexibility: Clone styles, alter wall heights, or even relocate entire houses.
    • Landscaping Features: Shape and mold the environment, from rolling hills to deep basements.
    • Material Customization: Dynamic options to change wall patterns, colors, and more.
    • Floor Plan View: Top-down planning mode for detailed design and layout.
    • Expanding Furniture Library: Over 1,500 items, and growing, for detailed interior designs.
    • Undo & Redo at Will: A misstep? Simply undo or redo, offering players unmatched flexibility.
    • Endless Customization: With adjustable walls and a vast color spectrum for painting, endless design possibilities await.
    • House Creations & Community Sharing: players will be able to share their custom house creations with the broader community.
    • Interactive and Immersive: Insert windows without prior cut-outs, construct basements, and dynamically alter landscapes in real time.

Check out the House Flipper 2 Steam page for more details.

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