Dead Island 2 – Haus Story Expansion to Launch in November

Dead Island 2 - Haus Story Expansion to Launch in November

PLAION and Deep Silver have announced that the first story expansion for Dead Island 2 will launch on November 2nd. The Haus expansion offers players a chance to lose themselves in a “surreal, psycho-horror dreamscape” where the goal is to investigate a mysterious Malibu cult.

Players who purchase the expansion will be treated to an entirely new storyline and a new area to explore. While one goal is to chase down the Malibu cult, a player’s main goal, smashing zombies, remains the same on their way. Players will cut through cult members and the zombie horde on the way to the cult’s leader, Konstantin.

Of course, no new expansion is worth its salt without a ton of new weapons and cards that will be crucial to survival. After all, no one wants to become a zombie’s next meal!

Haus features

  • K-ROSSBOW – Crafted for precision and lethality, unleash devastating long-range firepower and explode zombified brains with ease.
  • Hog Roaster – The ultimate ticket to visceral slaying. Why only butcher a zombie when you can BBQ them at the same time?
  • Dead Islands – To take the weight off your shoulders whilst you smash undead enemies into oblivion.
  • Eight New Skill Cards –Embellish your slayer with an expanded arsenal of skills.

The Haus content expansion will be available on all Dead Island 2 platforms. These include PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Epic Games Store.

Check out the Dead Island 2 Dead Island 2 for further details.

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