Vote And Win With The Gamespace Game Of The Year 2021

Gamespace Game Of The Year 2021

The Gamespace Game Of The Year 2021 is upon us and I can’t quite believe we’re here already. While our staff hurriedly worked our magic behind the scenes to root out the best games to splash your hard earned cash on it’s time for our readers to have their say on the Gamespace Game Of The Year 2021.

It’s been an unusual year and a hugely busy one. Conventions were closed for us and next-generation consoles were equally elusive. Silicon shortages and paper launches were loosely thrown around and some of the most anticipated titles of 2077 didn’t quite nail the landing. Still, we’ve seen genres torn asunder and indies make a real impact. The arrival of wholesome games as its own subgenre was wonderful to see, and there were delays. Lots and lots of delays.

Like last year’s game Of The Year Awards, we’re asking for your input. We’ve pulled the best scoring reviews from across 2021 and popped them into a list for our readers to vote on. We will be combining that with our staff’s vote to pull a winner out of the hat. Like last year, we’re not only giving you a vote but a reward for all that hard clicking. One lucky winner will pick up a copy of our Gamespace Game Of The Year 2021, formats and availability permitting. So whether you’re a Tales of Arise aficionado or charmed by Kenna Bridge Of Spirits, vote below.




Grow Song Of The Evertree

A town builder, management game turned environmental tale. This charming modern fairytale town is a magical affair that might seem simple at first but has untold depth.

Jurassic World Evolution 2

Because we couldn’t get enough dinosaurs the first time around we jumped back into the raptor pit for another slice of Jurassic World Evolution, the Zoo World sim turned prehistoric.

Kenna Bridge of Spirits

Another charmer on the list. A beautiful tale of a young girl who has to help souls rest. This first time for developers Ember Lab is an action puzzler that you’re sure to fall for.

Blake: The Visual Novel

It’s a visual novel, not something we’re strangers here to at Gamepsace. Centered around the eponymous Blake, you’ll experience Blake’s journey as he encounters a clandestine nemesis, sparking a series of events that force him to choose between losing his sanity or rising to the challenge.

Rider’s Republic

Take on a massive open world of extreme sports. Forget the kickflips and get out into the wilds outdoors with some seriously epic mountain biking. Think Tony Hawkes, a little jet Set, and mountain bikes.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

The latest major release from Owlcat Games and another entry into the Pathfinder game series. Based on the hugely successful pen and paper franchise that isn’t D&D, this seriously impressed us when it brought a ton of might and magic to our desktops this year.


Imagine a world where the animals are in charge. No, not Zootopia. Biomutant is a narrative action adventure that received some mixed reviews but utterly blew us away despite some of the buggier bits. That’s game bugs, not sentient beetles.

Swarm VR

We dove into another world with Swarm VR a mix of spiderman style acrobatics and faced past VR shooting that requires some serious sky-high skill to master but is also undeniably fun.


A brutal exploration and survival game for 1-10 players set in a procedurally-generated world inspired by Norse mythology. Valheim burst onto the scene this year and the mix of Norse mythology alongside some Rust styled survival made it stand out among the competition.

Little Nightmares 2

return to a world where adults are the enemy, you’ll never quite know what horror awaits, and being a kid again is a scary time. Little Nightmares 2 is a platforming follow up to the first Little nightmares, with new characters, familiar faces, and plenty of creepy corridors to escape into.

Skul: The Hero Slayer

Skul isn’t your average retro platformer. This unexpected candidate for Game Of The Year turns the hero’s story on its head. Playing as a minor minion, players controlling Skul will need to smash some heads and choose their abilities to beat the forces of light and free your master from the local do gooders.

The Medium

A new horror experience from Team Bloober and one of the first titles to start making use of the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X’s processing power. This paranormal tale splits players between two very different realms of life and death as they investigate a horrific abandoned hotel and the secrets it holds.

Hitman 3

What can we say? Agent 47, plenty of marks, lots of silent takedowns, and stylish scenes make this an addictive take on the Hitman series.

When The Pas Was Around

An Indie adventure point-and-click puzzle game about love, moving on, letting go, and the joy and pain of everything in between. Gorgeous artwork and a magnificent story mean we’re not spoiling this one for you.

Sky: Children of Light

Arriving on Nintendo Switch and mobile this year and from the team behind Journey, this similarly beautiful explorative social adventure landed us in the enchanting world of Sky, a beautifully-animated kingdom waiting to be explored and full of wonder.



Notes: This vote is open worldwide to all locations where legal. There is no entry fee, simply vote above and supply a contact email. Emails are collected for the purpose of contacting a prize winner only and will not be used for any other purpose. Any prizes are subject to availability and cannot be transferred or exchanged. Gamespace will attempt to contact the prize winner by email. Failure to respond or delivery failure will forfeit any prize. The Gamespace Game of the year 2021 award voting is open from now until 20 December 2021 at 4 PM Eastern Time.

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