Zombie Army 4: Dead War – 101 Trailer

The developers from Rebellion Developments have published a new trailer for the co-op shooter Zombie Army 4: Dead War. Over the 6 minutes of the video, the team brings players up to speed as to what has happened in the world of the game, what modes and mechanics will need to be faced against and much more.

In 1945 Hitler summoned a Nazi zombie army and left Europe in ruins. He was defeated by the Resistance and cast into the fires of hell. One year later, his hordes still roam the Earth. But in the shadows, terrible new darkness rises…

You can take on the undead army solo or bring up to three friends along for the zombie-infested ride:

  • A new story campaign for 1-4 players
  • Horde Mode
  • New Enemies
  • Epic weapons
  • Skills, special abilities, and upgrades
  • The Famous X-ray kill camera returns
  • and more!

Check out the official site to learn more about the game. Zombie Army 4: Dead War is coming to PC and consoles in February.

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While growing up in the wilds of Russia, Catherine learned to talk, write and game at almost the same time. You can follow her attempts at latter two at MMORPG.com and GameSpace.

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