Evolution Gaming is introducing the new Speedy BlackJack


Evolution Gaming has been around since 2006 and has since built a very impressive resume for itself.  It is a software developer that focuses on live online casino services and provides one of the highest quality experiences in the business. Evolution Gaming focuses on the European audience and has received many awards for its outstanding services. They provide games that can be enjoyed on a computer but also on different tablets. The majority of the games you can access through Evolution Gaming are roulette, blackjack, baccarat and hold’em games.

And since one of their most popular games is blackjack the developer has introduced Speed Blackjack.

What is Speed Blackjack

What sets Speed Blackjack apart from the regular live blackjack is that the dealing order. In the regular blackjack, dealers make the decision from the dealer’s left to right, in order and everyone has had to wait for the deciding player to make a decision so they could play again. But in the Speed blackjack, when the initial two cards are dealt, all players are offered the opportunity to Hit, Double Down or Split and the player who makes the decision the fastest will get their next card dealt first. This is for the people who become impatient when they have to wait for ages for someone to make a decision. This version of blackjack values fast thinkers and you need to be involved at all times to make sure that you use your chance to be first.

Blackjack has been around for 100 years and for all that time the way blackjack works has stayed the same but the Chief Product Officer at Evolution Gaming, Todd Haushalter is excited for the new concept to shake things up and introduce a new way for blackjack fans to enjoy the game. Mr. Haushalter says that the Speed Blackjack is about 30-40% faster compared to the Live Blackjack game. So it’s also a good option if you don’t have that much time and don’t want to leave the game midway through. Also according to the Chief Product Officer, in this game, you enjoy all the regular perks of blackjack but you have much more control over the game.

The value of innovation in the gaming industry

This innovative approach is what sets Evolution Gaming apart from other similar developers. Today’s gaming community has so many options and varieties for the classic games that sit hard to impress them with the same old set up and a game with only improved quality. Players these days are over the companies who work on quantity over quality approach. The industry standard has increased significantly and the companies that see that and act accordingly have been the ones getting the most attention and the ones that eventually end up with the most loyal players. Evolution Gaming is a good example of the developer that listens to its customers closely and works to make their experience better and the players see that.

With this latest update, it is likely that Evolution will not only make its existing customer happy but will gain a new demographic who has been waiting for the change like this for possible ages.

This is a big part of why Evolution has been so successful in the business and we will likely see more of these innovative games come out, probably from other developers as well, who see this as a successful example and want to follow the trend that Evolution Gaming is currently leading.

The Swedish company also provides personalized options for different countries so that they can participate in live games with dealers who speak in their language. The personal approach is also becoming an essential part of every successful business and we will probably slow see other companies trying to match this level of personalization.

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