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LawBreakers Sales “Below Our Expectations” Says Nexon

During an investor Q&A session, Nexon executives spoke bluntly about the lack of success of Cliff Bleszinski’s LawBreakers, a low-gravity FPS that came out in August. Our results in North Am...


LawBreakers Gets Nexon Support, Adds Holiday Event

Nexon has reiterated its support for LawBreakers, a game that has been struggling to find its audience. With the renewed support, Boss Key Studios is hard at work on new content and moving forward. Pl...


Boss Key Co-Founder Flies the Coop & Returns to Epic

Arjan Brussee, co-founder of Boss Key Studios along with Cliff Bleszinski, has left the company and moved over to Epic Games. The Twitter post he left indicates he’s returning to Epic after 20 y...

Lawbreakers Nintendo Switch

Developers Consider LawBreakers For Nintendo Switch

Boss Key Studios’ shooter LawBreakers had a slow start and found itself in a hard situation regarding the concurrent online number. While the developers are working hard, Cliff Bleszinski had an...


LawBreakers Concurrent Player Count Drops to 10

While some games excitedly gush about their new records in terms of concurrent online numbers, others are unfortunately not doing too well. One of the latter is Cliff Bleszinki’s LawBreakers, wh...

Cliff Bleszinski

Cliff Bleszinski Is Not Worried About The Slow Start Of LawBreakers

Cliff Bleszinski, the co-founder of Boss Key Productions, has given a lengthy interview to the EuroGamer portal. He spent some time talking about LawBreakers’ recent launch and the technical iss...

LawBreakers Trench Map

LawBreakers – New Gameplay Video Shows Off Trench Map

LawBreakers | Trench Map Overview Boss Key Studios shared a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming online shooter LawBreakers – a gravity-defying multiplayer game set in a futuristic world. The v...


LawBreakers is Coming to PS4 This Year

PlayStation Blog has been updated with a guest column announcing that Boss Key Productions’ LawBreakers is coming to PS4 this year. Boss Key Productions also showed off a special Rise or Fall ac...


Lawbreakers First Ever Closed Beta Test Begins TODAY!

Lawbreakers beta testers start your engines! The first-ever closed beta test has started and will run through March 19th. Players who took part in the alpha will notice big changes moving forward. Law...

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