Blizzard Showed Off New Design of Battle.Net App

Blizzard Showed Off New Design of Battle.Net App

The developers from Blizzard have taken to the official site to reveal the biggest front-end upgrade about to roll out for the Battle.net app. The latest release is aimed at welcoming players of all a...

Overwatch - Tracer: London Calling Issue 4 Available Now

Overwatch – Tracer: London Calling Issue 4 Available Now

The developers from Blizzard continue expanding and detailing the story behind team-based competitive shooter Overwatch. The team invites players to follow the adventures of ex-pilot Lena Oxton aka Tr...

OVerwatch The Kanezaka Challenge

Overwatch Begin The Kanezaka Challenge

Following on from a recent map reveal, Overwatch just got a new competitive challenge called the Kanezaka Challenge. Hanzo mains are in for a bit of a treat for the next few weeks as it seems Blizzard...

Check Out Blizzard Holiday Deals

Check Out Blizzard Holiday Deals

The Holidays are almost here, and the developers from Blizzard Entertainment are celebrating the occasion with some pretty cool deals for the community. If you are looking for some last-minute digital...


Overwatch Dev Update Showcases New Kanezaka Map

A new Overwatch developer update has been published on YouTube. This time, Game Director Jeff Kaplan introduces the upcoming Kanezaka map and reveals that it is already available on the OWPTR for play...


The Drop Rate From Overwatch Loot Boxes Finally Revealed

Overwatch revealed the drop rate from the Loot Boxes within the in-game, thanks to the Loot Box law by China. The law dictates that every sold game will need to provide information of drop rates, so t...

Overwatch Releases Tracer London Calling Issue 3

Overwatch Releases Tracer: London Calling Issue 3

Blizzard continues expanding the lore of co-op shooter Overwatch. Just last months the developers published a short story dedicated to Symmetra (Stone by Stone by Christie Golden) and now the focus tu...


Overwatch Introduces Priority Passes for Faster Queues

The Overwatch team posted a new developer update that introduces a new system to players that will be coming to the PTR in the very near future and into the live game sometime after that. Players who ...

BlizzConline - Coming February 19-20, 2021

BlizzConline Will Be Free to Watch

Due to the way the industry had been affected by COVID-19, Blizzard Entertainment had cancelled the annual BlizzCon 2020 in late May. In September, the company announced BlizzConline, a virtual event ...

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