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The upcoming Skyforge Firestarter class is really hot

Next month, Skyforge will get receiving the Ignition update for both PS4 and PC that will bring a hot new class into the game. The Firestarter is a ranged damage dealer that use, you guessed it: Fire ...

New Horizons

Skyforge Playstation 4 New Horizons Giveaway

Back in November 2018 we were stoked to hear that Skyforge was about to give console gamers the chance to grab a Battle Axe and dial the action up to 11 with the release of Distant Frequencies. Now a ...

Skyforge Soundweaver

Grab Your Battle Axes for Skyforge’s Latest Update’s own action MMO, Skyforge is about to get a major update but this one might sound a little different than you might expect. The Distant Frequencies update is due later this month and marks the...

skyforge ps4 early access giveaway

Skyforge PS4 Early Access Pack Giveaway – WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

UPDATE – WINNERS ANNOUNCED! We’ll be emailing each of you your codes from, so check your email today, and spam folders! Grats on the win, and have fun with Skyforge P...

Skyforge PS4 Image

Skyforge is coming to PS4 this Year

The F2P MMORPG from and Obsidian known as Skyforge is coming to PS4 this Spring. The full game is being ported over to Sony’s console, which frankly seems like a wondrous move. If youR...

Brown Dust

Brown Dust Gets a Turn To Impress in Our Review

Brought west by publisher Neowiz, Brown Dust is yet another mobile RPG in the ranks of small screen adventures, Gacha games, and cute looking trash littering the screen. After launching at the start o...

7.5 Good

Warface PS4 Preview

From the moment that Goldeneye landed on the Nintendo N64, First Person Shooter has had a home on the console. While PC gaming has always broken down doors and brought the genre into new dimensions, I...

Warface Invades Consoles this Year

If you are tired of $60 dollar price tags, season pass pre-orders, DLC map packs, and the long-running loot box controversy that threatens to sink the console shooter, then you can do worse than check...

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