Ana Spotlight – Heroes of the Storm

With the overview of the new map complete, Blizzard Entertainment has moved on to take a closer look at the upcoming characters. This time around the company has released a trailer to spotlight Ana – one of the founding members of Overwatch and one of the world’s best snipers.

Though she went MIA after losing her eye, Ana’s sense of duty and responsibility has brought her back to fight in the Nexus!

Ana plays the same role she does in Overwatch, supporting her allies through the battle. Those who have played Blizzard’s shooter will immediately recognize them. You can find out more about her abilities by watching the spotlight video above or checking her page on the official site.

Find out more of what’s coming with the Assault on Volskaya Foundry by following the links above. Blizzard has also released a trailer filled with skins, mounts and portraits coming to the game.

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