Anthem: 8 Minutes of Freeplay Expedition Gameplay from IGN

IGN continues showering potential players with Anthem goodness! This time the video offers 8 minutes of freeplay expedition where players can explore the world to find events, lore items, bosses, mysterious resource known as Ember and more.

The video also lets players see the flying mechanic in action, including the tendency of Javelins to overheat and the ways to use the surroundings to increase the active time flying, like passing by a waterfall.

The game is coming on February 22 to PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Take a look at system requirements to make sure you can comfortably explore the world from the inside of your Javelin.

More about Anthem:

In Anthem, up to four players explore and battle in a dangerous, mysterious place populated by great characters and a unique BioWare story. Players will also create stories of their own while they play, so no two journeys are the same. Javelin exosuits make their pilots powerful heroes in the world, with awesome weapons and incredible special abilities that allow for combat and exploration in a hostile environment. Players will be able to customize and personalize their suits with unique paint jobs and gear so they’ll have the right tools to confront almost any situation and look good doing it.

Anthem is developed by BioWare and will be available worldwide February 22 for Origin for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Origin Access Premier members can be the first to play the full game with unlimited access on PC starting February 15, and EA Access and Origin Access Basic members can enjoy up to 10 hours of play time as part of the Play First Trial.

You can find out more by visiting the official site.

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  1. I’m looking forward to this game. I had my reservations since I’m a big ME fan and wasn’t sure if I would support this considering how they treated ME:A. But I can’t seem to be able to get into Warframe, no matter how hard I try. I think this will be a better version of that.

  2. I’ll definitely be picking this up. Just not sure which class I want to start with. Probably storm, but the interceptor looks cool too. The big Jav also interests me. I almost always play a tank class, so not sure lol.

  3. I got invited to the VIP Demo today so hoping for great things but will definitely help me decide whether I am in or its just another Destiny

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