Anthem - Update 1.6.0 'Icetide' is Here

Anthem – Update 1.6.0 ‘Icetide’ is Here

Bioware continues to support and expand the world of Anthem by adding new content and fixing bugs within the game. The latest update 1.6.0 called Icetide is here and it brought localized ice storms in...

Best of 2019

Least Favorite Games Of 2019 – Getting To Know The GameSpace Staff

Last week we picked the brains of the GameSpace staff to help give you some insight into the minds of the writers behind the reviews. When asked about their favorite game of 2019, the staff showed jus...

EA Games Are Returning To Steam. How Does This Effect You & Me?

Suffering from storefront fatigue? Then you won’t want to read this as Electronic Arts announced this week that they are renewing its partnership with Valve starting with Star Wards Jedi: Fallen...


EA introduces Anthem’s Season of Skulls event

The EA site has been updated with information about a new event coming to Anthem. Called “Season of Skulls”, the event is clearly designed to provide players with autumn-themed thrills and...

Bioware September Update Confirms That Dread Wolf Rises

Bioware September Update Confirms That Dread Wolf Rises

Bioware’s Casey Hudson has published a September Update blog post to let fans know how the studio keeps on going after a super busy summer. The team continues to constantly improve and expand pl...

Ben Irving - Anthem

Anthem’s lead developer Ben Irving leaves BioWare

Anthem has traveled a rocky road since release in February this year. After a less-than-stellar critical reception and a series of missteps post-launch, Anthem has struggled to live up to its own hype...

Anthem Cataclysm

Surprise! Cataclysm launches into Anthem

EA and BioWare have surprised everyone with today’s stealth launch of the Cataclysm content expansion for Anthem. It comes packed with new story missions but most importantly, it brings Cataclys...


On Wednesday, June 19, EA’s VP of legal and government affairs, Kerry Hopkins, bravely took the stand in UK Parliament’s Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport Committee during an oral evidence session. S...

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