Apex Legends – New Season 2 Battle Pass Details

Apex Legends - New Season 2 Battle Pass Details

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts have shared the first details of the upcoming Season 2 Battle Pass coming to Battle Royale Apex Legends. The blog post also details new limited-time event coming to the game next week: The Legendary Hunt. Follow the link above to learn more!

At 10:00 a.m. PST on Saturday, June 8, we’ll be sharing some of the first details on Apex Legends Season 2 as part of our EA PLAY livestream. Today, we want to tell you about just a few of the high-level improvements you can expect from our second Battle Pass.

  • Daily/Weekly Challenges and improving the grindStarting in Season 2, you’ll be able to complete a mix of Daily and Weekly Challenges to level up your Battle Pass. If you miss a few weeks or start late, your Weekly Challenges will still be around for you when you return, and you can complete them all at once.
  • Moar Legendaries! – Respawn is adding three Legendary items to the Battle Pass & there will now be a Legendary item every 25 Battle Pass levels in the premium track, including at purchase (that’s level 1, level 25, level 50, level 75, and level 100). The level 100 reward will be an evolving weapon skin with a special recolor version for those players who make it to level 110.
  • New Cosmetic Types and No Badge or Stat Tracker Rewards on Premium Path – Badges and basic stat trackers have been completely removed from the premium Battle Pass rewards track for Season 2. You’ll still get a seasonal badge, but it’ll be a single, evolving badge that won’t take up any additional reward slots. There will be three new content categories in place of badges/trackers, more information about them will be revealed later.
  • Earn Enough Crafting Metals for a Legendary Item – Respawn is replacing the Voice Lines with Crafting Metal rewards. You’ll now be able to earn enough Crafting Metals (1,200) to craft the Legendary item of your choosing. So, if there’s an existing item you’ve been coveting, you’ll be able to get it in Season 2. You can still get additional Crafting Metals from the various Apex Pack rewards in the Battle Pass as well.
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