Bad-ass Cars and Big Bucks Anchor GTA Online All Week

GTA Online

If you’re in the mood to drive some bad-ass cars and earn piles of in-game loot, GTA Online has you covered. As usual, Rockstar has a host of ways for players to take home a ton of cash just ripe for the spending. And what better way to do so than on some genuinely hot wheels?

Here’s what GTAO players can look forward to all week:

  • Bodyguards and Associates earn triple salaries all week
  • Head to the LS Car Meet for a chance at the Annis Euros as the Prize Ride of the week
  • Test Ride the Ubermacht Cypher, the Karin Sultan RS Classic, and the Obey Tailgater S
  • Head to The Diamond Casino & Resort to spin The Lucky Wheel for a chance at the Vapid GB200 and other prizes
  • Grab 40% off a number of vehicle prices
  • Take 50% off all Bunkers and 40% off Bunker Upgrades and Modifications
  • Head to Southern San Andreas SuperAutos to check out the Karin Sultan RS Classic
  • Take part in the Shipwrecks Daily Collectible
  • Earn Double GTA$ and RP on Auto Shop Client Jobs, Lester Contact Missions, and this year’s Stunt Missions
  • Prime Gaming bonuses
  • Prime Gaming discounts

Grab the finer details by visiting the GTA Online official site.

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