Baldur’s Gate 3 – New Patch Addresses Inspiration, Freedom & Pacifism

Baldur's Gate 3

The developers from Larian Studios continue working on the upcoming cRPG Baldur’s Gate 3, currently available in Steam Early Access. The latest update to the game addresses paths less traveled.

Many fans of the gave have been disgruntled that managing to solve a particular pickle peacefully did not award the party any experience, basically proving that violence is always the answer in Faerun. You will be pleased to know that Larian devs took the feedback to heart:

“Our games have always been about rewarding creativity and exploration, but some people were disappointed with the lack of experience rewards for pacifism, and creative solutions that utilize the road less travelled. Patch 3 introduces rewards for avoiding combat situations, whether in dialogue or through exploration and environmental puzzle solving.”

On the topic of companions, the team has taken steps to move away from the party’s frequent nitpicking, so that they’ll start focusing more on the bigger picture. Instead of nitpicking about every single little thing they don’t like they would rather focusing on the things they do like while still maintaining their personality and having strong beliefs about certain things. In short, they’ll feel a little more like companions and less like tag-along-critics.

The update also rebalanced the particularly harsh skill checks: instead of failing an entire situation based on one difficult roll, you’ll have a higher chance of succeeding the roll. Ultimately, however, you’ll still have to flow with the will of the dice.

Just recently we’ve shared our wishlist for BG3 and, with the new patch, it just grew shorter! Micromanaging gymnastics probably wasn’t something you thought you’d be doing in the Forgotten Realms, so now when you jump across a gap, for example, your party will automatically jump across it to follow you. Additionally, they can do that with their helmets hidden! Double hooray!

The game also receives some UI improvements, including spells & inspiration points. Check out the full patch notes of the recent update to find the entire list of changes coming to the game. Sadly, your saved games will have to pay the price.

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