Battlefield 1 Spring Update Notes Published

Battlefield 1 Spring Update

EA has published a new blog post dedicated to Spring Update for Battlefield 1. The central feature of the update is Platoons. With it, the developers hope to push the team aspect of the game further.

Battlefield 1 – Spring Update Adds Platoons

Get ready to team up. Today we are introducing the first wave of Platoons features for Battlefield 1. It’s something a lot of you have been asking for, and that we are very happy to finally release. Our focus in this initial release is to add some of the core and most essential Platoons features, such as the Platoon Tag, while building a robust system that we can continue to expand and improve going forward.

Any player can create a Platoon while adding the following info:

  • Name of the squad (3-24 characters, not exclusive), required
  • Tag (1-4 alpha-numerical characters, not exclusive), required
  • Description consisting of up to 256 characters, optional
  • The emblem that players can choose from personal Emblem gallery. It is automatically copied to the Platoon.
  • Access Type that defines whether other players can or can not join the Platoon. Open: anyone can join the squad instantly. Apply-to-Join: any player can apply, but Platoon members with permissions would need to accept or reject the application. Closed: no one can join the squad.

Currently, there is a limitation of 100 members per Platoon in place.

Additionally, the update will introduce many new features such as Medic Revive Intent, Server Administration, Dog Tags and more. Players can also look forward to new weapons and fixes of many bugs and issues.

You can read the full blog post that goes into great detail about each feature on the official site.

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