Battlefield V – War in the Pacific Official Trailer

Electronic Arts and DICE have published a new official trailer for the upcoming update to Battlefield V. Called War in the Pacific, the next chapter is coming next week to all players for free.

Are you ready to take part in a Pacific invasion across land, air, and sea? Available on October 31, Chapter 5: War in the Pacific brings amphibious assaults and all-out warfare across iconic battlefields, with the U.S. and Japan entering the fray.

  • Two new factions – In Chapter 5, you’ll get to fight as the U.S. Armed Forces or the Imperial Japanese Army. Deploy with their respective iconic military hardware and equip your Company members with unique outfits to stand out on the battlefield.
  • Classic Battlefields, Reimagined – Brave a Pacific Storm and rediscover timeless WW2 fighting grounds as the classic maps Iwo Jima and Wake Island return, reimagined for Battlefield V.
  • New Weapons & Vehicles
  • New Elites
  • New Chapter Rewards & Weekly Challenges

Check out the official site to learn more details about the upcoming Chapter 5.

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