Black Geyser – Tales of the Moon Cult Kickstarter Campaign Now Live

Black Geyser - Tales of the Moon Cult Kickstarter Campaign Now Live

Developer GrapeOcean Technologies has begun the Kickstarter campaign for Tales of the Moon Cult, the major DLC for isometric CRPG Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness. The team seeks to raise $21k, with over 500 backers already pledging $14k with 22 days to go yet!

The expansion adds new locations to the world map with brand-new content and a questline that revolves around the Cult of Zoria. Several new features are introduced to the base game as well, including Strongholds, Dual Wielding and a number of QoL improvements.

The estimated release date is August 2024. The expansion will be coming to Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam and GOG. The Tales of the Moon Cult DLC will be accompanied by a Fixpack – a free Steam/GOG update to all owners of the base game that doesn’t require the purchase of the expansion.


  • Dual wielding for Warrior and Outlaw classes
  • Strongholds
  • Travel to quest giver directly from journal UI (one loading screen)
  • Already known recipes are marked in shop UI
  • Steam Cloud Save (GOG is already supported)
  • GOG Achievements
  • Item descriptions display which classes can use the item
  • Full personal questline for Helgenhar
  • Expanded romance lines (planned stretch goal)
  • Two brand-new companions (planned high stretch goal)
  • A brand-new character class (planned high stretch goal)
  • Companion-specific epilogue (planned stretch goal)
  • More love for unarmed combat (planned stretch goal)
  • Craft a golem who will fight on your side (planned high stretch goal)
  • Shapeshifting for druids and as spells (planned stretch goal)
  • Improved modding support (planned stretch goal)
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